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How to create moving day checklist

Whether you’re relocating to a new city, apartment, or even a different state, having a well-thought-out plan is crucial to making the transition smoother.

Moving Day Checklist

Moving is a life-changing and often emotional experience. Relocating to a new place can be challenging for anyone, even if you’re good at planning! There’s a long list of things you must do before your moving day, and it can feel like a lot, especially if it’s your first time moving and leaving the family nest. As that critical day gets closer, many people get even more nervous about their belongings and the changes to their environment, which is entirely understandable and expected.

Easy Relocation has been in the moving industry for quite some time now, and trust us when we say that we have seen it all. From stress and worry to the joy and happiness of getting a new house or an apartment.

Suppose you want to minimize stress and speed up the moving process while being confident that you’ve brought everything you planned. In that case, we recommend making a detailed moving checklist of all the things you want to transport to your new home.

How to Create an Inventory Checklist

Creating your inventory list is a relatively easy task. You’ll need a little imagination, good organization, a pen, and some paper. If you follow the steps below, everything will go like clockwork.

How to Create an Inventory Checklist

Step #1 - Craft a well-organized list with several columns

Develop an organized list with several columns. You can use a physical sheet of paper or a computer, whichever suits your preference. Including at least three columns in your list is crucial: the item’s name, current condition, and corresponding value.

Step #2 - Capture images of each room

Take pictures of each room, focusing on the pieces you plan to transport to your new address. It’s a good idea to have visual records of your furniture in all the rooms of your home.

You can even print these photos and attach them to your inventory list for extra reference. This way, you can be confident that everything is covered. There’s less chance of forgetting or missing anything. Also, create short videos for each room, highlighting the furniture you want to take with you. We suggest keeping copies of these videos on a flash drive for safekeeping.

Step #3 - Declutter and organize everything

A move gives you a perfect opportunity to declutter your current home. This is your chance to delve into all your possessions and remove the things that no longer serve you.

When you start to organize your belongings, think about your new place and how you want it to be decorated. That will help you decide what items to put on your moving inventory checklist and which should go to a yard sale. Also, listing items online extends your reach and allows your belongings to find their new places while potentially putting a few extra dollars in your pocket!

Step #4 - Decide which items are essential for transport

The items most important to you should be at the top of the list. Additionally, you can incorporate a column to provide specifics about the condition of each item. This will prove valuable once the entire moving and unpacking process concludes. You’ll have the assurance that your belongings have arrived in impeccable order.

It’s advisable to proceed room by room, starting with the spaces you use the least. Document the essential and special items you intend to transport and put them on your list. This systematic approach ensures that every detail is outlined and your inventory list completely captures the essence of each room.

When moving use printable labels and different color markers

Step #5 - Use printable labels and different color markers

Now it’s time to get creative and splash some color on your moving boxes. You can mark what’s already packed and what’s up next to go onto the moving truck. It’s like gently reminding yourself of what’s next on your to-do list!

Put labels on every moving box and use different colors to check everything is packed and ready for transport. As you tick off the items packed and ready to roll, it’s like seeing progress before your eyes. You’ll have this satisfying feeling of things moving forward. And when the day’s done, you’ll look at your list and see how far you’ve come! It’s a little victory that’ll make you feel proud of your moving day achievements.

Step #6 - Take a final walk-through

Take a final walk-through and check if all the items you plan to relocate are on the list. Visit all the rooms once again and follow your list rigorously. Make sure you cover every nook and cranny by visiting each room. Take a peek inside cabinets, explore closets, and sift through storage spots.

Your Moving Day Can Be Fun Too!

Experiencing a diverse blend of emotions on your moving day is entirely expected. The day is infused with a genuine rollercoaster of contrasting feelings. Regardless of the workload and the tasks on your agenda, with great company, even better organization, and experienced professional movers, moving day can be a fun-filled ride!

This comprehensive moving inventory list, containing all the essential information, will significantly assist you. You can share this list with your movers on the day of the move. This will give them a clearer picture of what items must be transported and which possessions are essential to you.

Whether you have a big or a small inventory list, Easy Relocation is always here for you! Need to move a piano or anything else? Give us a call!