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Which is Right for Your Move: Moving Furniture or Buying New?

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When you get to the packing part of your relocation, one question will pop up – what’s the better solution, moving furniture or buying new? This is an important decision, as it can drastically affect the overall cost of your move. So, let’s look at the factors that will drive this decision-making process.

Which is Right for Your Move: Moving Furniture or Buying New?

Moving Furniture or Buying New - What's More Practical?

When planning a relocation, your goal is to be as efficient and practical as possible. This should lead the decision between moving furniture vs. buying new stuff when you arrive at your destination.

In many cases, the shipping cost will be much less than the price of buying new pieces of furniture. But this isn’t exactly a rule – the prices of both options can vary significantly based on factors such as the shipping distance, the value of furniture, and the layout of your new home – we’ll explore all of these below.

Before You Make a Decision, Declutter Your Home and Get Rid of Unnecessary Belongings

First things first – before you can even think about packing your furniture for a move, it’s crucial to declutter the entire home and decide which items are worth keeping. You might discover that you have too much stuff you don’t need – discarding it will be a relaxing process to help you embrace the new chapter of your life. Plus, you’ll see that you have a lot less to transport than you initially thought – which means the cost of long-distance moving services will be less than expected.

Distance of the Move Affects the Cost of Shipping Furniture

If you’re planning a local relocation, there’s no doubt that the cost of local moving services will be less than that of replacing all your furniture. However, if your move is long-distance, things are a bit more complicated. It all comes down to the price you pay for movers.

It’s best to request a quote for your household inventory. The quote will include all the furniture you’re considering shipping, allowing you to see the estimated cost. Note that it’s always wise to get quotes from several moving companies and compare them to choose the best option. When you have an estimated number, you can calculate the cost of replacing the furniture and compare the two options.

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Consider the Value of the Items You Want to Transport to the New Home

Even if the cost of shipping may be high, some belongings are worth the hassle – if you own a few high-quality, pricey items, you surely won’t be happy leaving them behind. The value of furniture can sometimes outweigh the practicality – when a piece of furniture would be hard to replace, it’s always better to ship it.

It's Not Just Monetary Value You Should Consider - Don't Forget About Sentimental Items

You should account for the sentimental value of items when deciding whether to keep them. You may have a piece of furniture passed down in your family or a gift from a loved one. Don’t leave it behind simply because you don’t want to pay a bit extra to the movers.

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Think of the New Home's Layout - Will the Furniture in Question Fit the Space?

If you’ve calculated that it’s worth shipping your furniture, there’s one last thing to consider: will everything fit in your new home? If you’re moving to a bigger place, this surely won’t be an issue, but what if you’re transitioning to a smaller home? You may waste your time, energy, and money shipping stuff you will need more space for.

In that case, some of your things may need to go to a secure storage unit until you figure out what to do with them. Remember that storage could be an unforeseen moving cost; if you use storage for a few months, the expenses will pile up.

Additionally, when considering the layout of your future home, you should consider the rooms’ sizes. While the overall square footage of the residence might be big, what if the rooms are smaller than those in your current home? Some of your furniture might not be the best fit in that case. That’s why it’s a good idea to compare the measurements of the rooms with those of the furniture you plan on bringing.

Does Your Current Furniture Fit the Aesthetics of the New Home?

Moving is a time of change, and some people take this quote seriously – it’s not uncommon to want to change your home interior style when you move to another city. If you’re thinking about embracing new aesthetics, ask yourself if your current furniture will align with what you have planned for the new home.

No Matter What You Decide, Easy Relocation Is Here for You - Let Us Make Your Move a Pleasant Experience

Whether you’re shipping furniture or not, many other household items will have to be transported to your new home, and you’ll want to hire professional movers for this task. Easy Relocation is the perfect relocation company for you. Our team takes good care of every box entrusted to our care, and we are here to help you move smoothly with no fuss. Contact us for an estimate of our stellar services – we look forward to being a part of your relocation experience.